Why You Should Take An Anniversary Trip

Your wedding day or the day you met your significant other was one to remember. Whatever dates that you consider a milestone, you should celebrate. A great way to do this is by reconnecting on a romantic getaway. We’re hoping that you’ll take a trip to our romantic villas in St. John for your anniversary, but if you need some convincing, we’re here to help you see why an anniversary trip to celebrate with your spouse is very necessary.

We Should Celebrate More Things In Life

There’re so many heavy things that we have to deal with in life. Why not take the time to let loose and enjoy the good things? We should be celebrating every chance that we get in life! Remember all of the happy times and recreate them!

Your Anniversary Is The Day That Brought You Together

There’s a reason that anniversaries are a big deal. This is, in fact, the day that brought you together. If it’s a wedding anniversary, it’s quite a day to celebrate. Wedding planning isn’t easy, and no matter how long you’ve been married, you’re probably still exhausted from planning your wedding!

You’ll See Things In A Positive Way

While day-to-day life gets exhausting sometimes, we can forget all of the good things from the past. Celebrating anniversaries helps you to look back on your relationship with your lover and think of all the good things you have accomplished and done together.

Book An Anniversary Trip

Whether you’re surprising your spouse with a weekend getaway, or planning your anniversary trip together, Mooncottages are here to help you explore St. John in the most romantic way possible.