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Coral Bay Peeps Profile – Pizzabar in Paradise

Mooncottages St John Villa rentals favorite Pizzeria in peaceful Coral Bay is Pizzabar in Paradise. Potential guests always ask about how Coral Bay restaurants have recovered. Here is only ONE example how we’re doing great! The pizza crust dough is completely handmade daily. It takes 6-8 hours to rise properly.  I’m not sure I want to try this at home. Would rather go to Pizzabar in Paradise.

Check out 3-steps on masterful pizza manufacture by Fabio master Italian chef.

Step #1 perfect pizza

Step #2 perfect pizza

Step #3 perfect pizza

Coleen is the gracious owner of Pizza in Paradise, a native Bostonian, she had a dream and here it is! When asked how this all happened, Coleen told me last night that she put a notice on Craig’s List for a master Pizza maker on St. John, USVI. Fabio happened to be working on the other side of the island at another restaurant. And – the rest is history. Pizzabar in Paradise was born a year ago last Friday.

When staying at Mooncottages St John Villa Rentals or anywhere in St John, stop by Coral Bay for the tastiest, most authentic pizza anywhere near Rome or the equator for that matter with a great local vibe and live music on Tuesday nights.

Charming hosts and the food is simply great. I like the Margarita Pizza with fresh tomato and basil … the best!

Mooncottages Favorite Pizzeria Mooncottages Villa Rentals Favorite Pizzeria

Mooncottages St John Villa Rentals Favorite Pizzeria