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This store is right on the way into Coral Bay and is a life-saver for locals as well as St John Vacation Rentals guests. Mustafa is the eloquent and articulate owner of Coral Bay’s venerable and extensively stocked grocery store since 2001 – Love City Market.  When storms hit in September, he donated perishable goods to the community. When his generator power was finally back, they were providing sustainable goods to the community at all hours.

Now, that the clouds have cleared and our St John Villa Rentals are up and running and better than ever, guest and locals alike love … Love City Market. Open “early to very late” – 6:30AM – 9:30PM.

Mustafa is a very nice man but a very serious businessman and cares about his establishment. His son also works at the store “dawn to very late” with other employees tirelessly. Tremendous people. When you come to Coral Bay on your St John villa vacation, please stop at Love City Market and say Hi … and buy stuff. He’s been local resident on St John with family and friends since 1992 and is here to stay. When all else fails, these guys are usually open and always friendly with fresh produce, an extensive wine and liquor collection and anything else you might want.

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Love City Market - St John Villa Rentals Store

Love City Market Coral Bay - Friend of Mooncottates St John Villa Rentals