Shipwreck Landing: Yummy St. John Cuisine
Coral Bay Restaurants

Shipwreck Landing Cool with a View

Right down the hill from Mooncottages is our closest and one of the best restaurants for St. John Cuisine on the island–the unstoppable Shipwreck Landing in Coral Bay. We have been on St. John a long time and have experienced Shipwreck Landing through a number of chefs, storms and economic conditions … and it keeps on going strong!

The crowd is always lively. The staff, local and friendly. And, the food is always Yummy. A lot of homemade dishes are on the menu at all times. The soups are incredible. They usually always have a local fish as well as your standard menu of just about everything. My favorite when I am in the mood, is Fish and Chips. I just love it. Add a little hot sauce into the tartar sauce and enjoy with a cold, icy beer.

They also have music usually on Wednesdays and Sundays … but check with them while you’re here. One of the great things about staying at Mooncottages, is when the wind is right, you can hear the music from down below sweetly serenading you from 550 below. That’s just HOW quiet it is up there. You can listen to it while you make your own St. John cuisine at home.

While at Shipwreck Landing, turn around and enjoy the ocean because it’s right there. Or kill a little time shopping at their funky little shopping area. Its usually quite busy in season, so get there early.  340-693-5640