How NOT to look cool in ST John USVI

Don’t vacation in ST John USVI unless you know some important stuff that will keep you looking cool and feeling like a local–and always wear PLENTY of sun screen when at the beach.

Trunk Bay Beach ST John

Enjoying Trunk Bay Beach ST John

So you’re planning your long awaited ST John romantic villas vacation, wedding, or a secret rendezvous here. Fantastic. Because by the way, there’s no place in the world better to vacation than the Virgin Islands and ST John in particular. Why ST John? Well, for those of you have traveled a bit, you know that although the Caribbean Islands are exotic, sexy and wonderfully natural, they can sometimes have a little “edge.” That’s why guests love the Virgin Islands because its so smooth and relaxing by comparison.

For example, I love Jamaica very much–the people the scenery and ambiance. But, after a while I stopped going there because of this “edge.” For those of you who have been you know what I’m talking about. Here on ST John and in the Virgin Islands in general you won’t find that edge. Just a whole lot of beauty and fun.

Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle

ST John is 2/3 National Park which protects it from most nasty expansion and development by law. Even the water is protected! Wonderful little creatures can be found swimming around the reefs for your enjoyment–ask them to pose for you.  Mooncottage, our flagship ST John villa is incidentally is located directly on the National Park border. I mean directly ON the border … when I first saw the Google Earth photo I really couldn’t believe it, but its true. So, you’ll have no finer natural experience at an luxury Caribbean villas vacation, than here nestling right up to the edge of mother nature.

Francis Bay Pelicans: US Virgin Islands

Gray Pelican taking off in Francis Bay, USVI

Now, here’s your opportunity to learn a little more about the Virgin Islands and learn a little local ST John island facts that will make you look and sound like you’ve been here a thousand times. See if you can identify the correct answers:

1. Hawksbill, Leatherback and Green are the names of:

a. Sea turtles

b. Parrots

c. The oldest Law Firm in ST John

2. Fire, Staghorn and Brain are types of:

a. Sea grasses

b. Rock

c. Coral

3. If you go to a bar in Coral Bay ST John, do I dress in:

a. Cowboy boots

b. leather pants

c. Flip Flops and a beer

4. The Virgin Islands’ time zone is Atlantic Standard time, which is________ hours ahead of New York.

5. When visiting Coral Bay ST John on your way to Mooncottages, what is the “Triangle.”

a. The place where all locals congregate and get blasted

b. The turn into Coral Bay right by the Moravian Church

c. A store that sells small bikinis

6. True of False? You must drive on the right in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and on the left in the British Virgin Islands.

7. The best way to experience a fantastic Mooncottages ST John villas vacation would be to:

a. Call Brian our General Moonager at 917-678-5315

b. Call your friends and ask them to be jealous

c. Call your mother and say you won’t be home for 2 weeks

Answers:(1) b (2) c (3) c (4) 1 hour except in summer, when the Virgin Islands and east coast of the U.S. are on the same time. (5) b (6) False; driving on the left is required in both territories (7) ALL