Why Kite Surf in Cabarete, Dominican Republic?

Why Kite Surf in Cabarete?

The answer is simple. It’s because the wind and waves are the best in the world. It’s like the Waikiki of the Caribbean, and the location is justifiably famous for its remarkably consistent conditions. The Cabarete beaches boast constant strong breezes and high surf conditions. Perfect for this exciting sport. On any given day, you can visit those same beaches and experience a dazzling visual display of kite surfers who fly upon the wings of the wind.

Or better yet take flight yourself. You can choose from a variety of areas with distinct wind and surf characteristics. You can visit Beun Hombre, a “secret place” almost 2 km long with flat turquoise waters. Or go to La Boca. This location is a well-liked place for freestylers. Of course, everybody loves Cabarete’s Kite Beach, world-famous for its strong winds and waves. Other well-known locales include Chaparral, El Canal, Encuentro, and Bozo Beach. So many choices for thrilling Kite Surfing adventures.

How can I learn to Kite Surf in Cabarete?

Easy. At last count, there were 21 Kite Schools in Cabarete ready to turn you into a kitesurfer. How? Well, most importantly, let me talk about the specialized teachers at these schools. They are passionate International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certified instructors working with trained assistants. They follow a recognized and approved step-by-step teaching curriculum that focuses on required skills and staying safe during your training, first takeoff, flight, and landing. Former students on TripAdvisor give high praise to the many professional, patient and, inspiring teachers in the DR that have taught them this exciting new sport.

All you have to do is bring your bathing suit because all your lessons include the required kitesurfing equipment and safety gear. You can have private lessons, semi-private lessons, or join group lessons. There are even classes for children. Many schools have instructors who speak English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, and many more languages. So you probably will find classes conducted in your very own native tongue.

Here are just three schools for your consideration.

  • GoKite Cabarete Kiteboarding School is a Dominican owned and operated Kite School founded by CEO Richard Diaz.
  • Laurel Eastman, a former professional kiteboarding freestyle competitor, operates the Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding School.
  • KiteClub offers both beginner lessons and IKO Master Clinics for advanced kitesurfers.

Is KiteBoarding Dangerous?

 Yes, it can be. However, with seven injuries per 1,000 hours of physical activity, kiteboarding appears listed as relatively safe, especially when compared to mainstream sports. Still, it is considered an extreme water-sport, and you must practice safety first. Choose certified Kiteboarding instructors that will teach internationally recognized best-practices to avoid any potential risks for bodily harm. The thrills will follow.

Where do I stay when I want to Kite Surf?

 Why not stay on Kite Beach with a beach getaway from Mooncottages | Waves DR? I did. I loved it. Or … why not JOIN OUR MAILING LIST