SWELL Luxury Beach Residences | Dominican Republic | It’s Gettin’ Cold Up There!

Introducing Swell Luxury Beach Residences in the Dominican Republic. Come on. It’s gettin’ cold up there!  is the exclusive rental agent for SWELL Residences–Your Boutique Beach “Home Away from Home.”

Swell Luxury Residences Dominican Republic

Swell Luxury Residences Dominican Republic

See videos some of these amazing residences. I watched them being built.

Check out these amazing and affordable residences. I watched them built. I’ve stayed in them. And they are BRAND new. Private Elevator to each Suite. Wheelchair accessible

See a video of the SWELL Property  And, peek into these luxury accommodations with a video walkthrough of the rental accommodations online. (so far) 10% Discount for 1 week  20% Discount for 2 weeks. 35% Discount for 1 month.

MoonShadow: 4D $249/night + tax
MoonArtistan: 3D $199/night + tax
MoonBeams: 3C $199/night + tax
MoonCaprice: 3A $199/night + tax
Photos of MoonHip:2B $149/night + tax

But why the Dominican Republic? Why not stay in Florida or Cancun?

Well, despite what you may have heard about the Dominican Republic, it is one of the most interesting and kindest places to stay in the Caribbean. And so many things to do and see!  Everywhere…’Always a Smile. Originally named Hispaniola (the root of the word “Hispanic”.)

Hispaniola is the site of one of the first European settlements in the Americas, La Navidad (1492–1493), as well as the first proper town, La Isabela (1493–1500), and the first permanent settlement, the current capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo (est. 1498). These settlements were founded successively during each of Christopher Columbus’s first three voyages.[9][10][11][12]

The Spanish Empire controlled the entire island of Hispaniola from the 1490s until the 17th century, when French pirates began establishing bases on the western side of the island. The official name was La Española, meaning “The Spanish (Island)”. It was also called Santo Domingo, after Saint Dominic.

The booking fees. NO security deposit billed. Booking DIRECT with Mooncottages Saves You up to 22% on your Caribbean vacation. ALL Beach Properties on the Peaceful Northeast Shore in the delightful towns of Cabarete, Enceuentro and Sosua.

Pretty Smiling Girl D.R.

Pretty Smiling Girl D.R.

I’ve traveled 6 million miles & throughout the DR for 17 years & live here. Everywhere …”Always a Smile.” I meet couples, families on vacation and locals walking with their children here, day or night.

Come Join us and See why this is the new Hidden Secret for Paradise!