5 Warnings About Romantic Getaways in ST John
Mooncottages ST John Villas

A most glorious day at Mooncottage, St. John USVI

Before you consider coming to the Virgin Islands and staying at one of our romantic getaways villas, there are a few important things you should consider. Please read the following so that you can reduce surprises and more accurately manage your expectations:

  1. Your Sense of Time Will Change.The slow-moving clouds and laid-back atmosphere will make you oblivious to the time of day. In fact, you’ll find yourself not caring one way or the other what time it is. Because, here in at one of our romantic getaways in Paradise, the time is always the same – “now.” Rum and Coke also accelerates this process.
  2. Your Defenses Will Drop.Yes, Mom always said, “Don’t talk to strangers.” But no matter which island you visit, you’ll find yourself charmed by the most warm and friendly people on the planet.
  3. Things Will Happen.Blame it on the pounding steel drums, the seductive, private views at a one of our romantic getaways or the undulating waves, but there’s something about this place that will make you twice as irresistible to one another. Can you handle that?
  4. You’ll Feel Bad for People at the Office.Within seconds of lounging on the deck of one of our villas, you’ll feel guilty that your co-workers are at that very moment slaving away on some high-stress task. This guilt could last up to three seconds.
  5. “Jersey Shore” Will Lose Its Importance. Activities such as swimming, snorkeling, dining, dancing and other exciting island pleasures will make latest adventures on your favorite reality show seem trivial in comparison. Besides, the water here is much warmer than in Jersey.

You have been warned — please book a romantic getaways vacation villa at your own risk!